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egg·ology club
əggˈology / club

Season 1.0 — The Egg Club (2017)
a club that redefines the modern day woman’s journey to parenthood
“discussing openly how to plan, prepare, and discover our fertility potential with egg freezing”

Season 2.0 — Eggsperience Stories (2018)
new terminology and education for reaching your family planning goals
“learn about all things fertility, egg freezing, cryopreservation, embryo creation, and more”

Season 3.0 — Eggrepreneur Game Changers (2019)
building new things doesn’t just happen, hear the founder’s story of up-coming health products
“discover the stories behind the products and the amazing women entrepreneurs who built it”

synonyms: determine to find unique ways to become a parent, fertility, family planning, egg freezing, ivf, motherhood, choice mom, co-parenting, parenthood, family, eggs, sperm, embryos, future