E15: Chill

Jennifer Frappier was 39, single, and living in Los Angeles California. Jenni wanted to balance her career, pursue her dreams, and start a family.  She decided to take matters into her own hands instead hitting the panic button, she froze her eggs so she could increase her odds of having it all. During the egg freezing journey, she chose to documented the experience and created a short film called, Chill. The documentary is currently being featured at several film festivals and should be ready for public release in Summer 2018. Check out the trailer for the film Chill.

Since freezing her eggs, Jenni has been busy with her job, buying a home, remodeling, and dating. Then she met someone special named Ari. After several “high-fives” on their first date, they both realized what a great match they made together. Ari surprised Jenni with an engagement and asked her if she would “high-five” him forever. They got married on March 25th which I was honored to attend their magical wedding day and am excited to see what happens next.

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