E17: Baby Embryos

Mimi Lee made headlines when she battled her ex-husband for custody of their embryos during their divorce. A single judgement in San Francisco courtroom rendered a decision that would determined the fate of five embryos that Mimi and her ex-husband had intentionally created after her shocking diagnosis of breast cancer.  The decision would change Mimi Lee‘s life forever.

Cancer and life threatening illness can affect one’s chance for preserving their fertility or ability to conceive. If you know someone with cancer check out Arona Martin‘s gifts at Because Love to show that special someone how much you care and say what words can not.

Feeling generous? Check out JillsWish.org and learn about how Jill Brzezinski-Conley inspired so many to “Rock What You Got” and more. Want to support other local charities doing incredible work for others? The Carey Foundation and The Tutu Project will help make someone you know smile.

Looking for a way to get involved, then turn no further than Medline’s Pink Glove Dance and watch hundreds of videos inspired to support breast cancer survivorship. Or perhaps you want to watch a good film or movie. A great documentary called, “I Heart Jenny” by Blake Babbitt or the inspiring true-life story, “Decoding Annie Parker” film by Steven Bernstein are both good choices and options to watch.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    When I first heard this I was so upset that this could happen. Mimi is so brave. I can’t believe the doctors did not better educate her or other patients when cancer is involved. I hope all is okay with her now.

  2. Jennifer says:

    This is so sad. I can’t believe the courts did not help her. It has got to be hard enough to go thru cancer.

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