E18: Egg Hunt

Picking a sperm donor is relatively common place especially for those choosing single motherhood, but egg donation is rarely discussed or talked about. Sperm or egg shopping can be similar to online dating and feel like a daunting task to navigate the system.

There are more resources than ever to support those using third-party reproduction, such as the Donor Sibling Registry (DSR) created by Wendy Kramer. The DSR website assists the individuals who donated their own DNA, conceived via sperm, egg or embryo donation, or born from donor-reproduction that are seeking mutually desired contact with others whom they share genetic ties with.

Another support group and community that provides assistance is called, We Are Egg Donors (WAED) founded by egg donors: Raquel Cool and Claire Burns. The WAED website offers women who donate their eggs support during treatment, provides clinic accountability, and honest judgment-free conversations about egg donation.

Molly Hawkey, a comedian, photographer, and actress in Los Angeles started a podcast called Spermcast to explore and find a sperm donor. Molly froze her eggs around her 37th birthday to delay parenthood with the right person, but after several dead-end relationships she is not sure that her ideal partner exists. Now at almost 40, she does not want to rush into getting married and plans to have a baby on her own. Molly is on the quest to find the perfect sperm donor and venture down the path of single motherhood by choice instead.

Wendy Burch is an Emmy Award-winning television journalist, reporter, and news anchor for KTLA in Los Angeles. She covered thousands of stories, but felt like she neglected to let her own personal story unfold until Wendy‘s biological clock alarm sounded on her 40th birthday. After several rounds of IVF,  injections, fertility drugs, acupuncture not resulting in a pregnancy, after much hesitation Wendy decided her best option was to use an egg donor. She thought it would be dishonest not to tell the truth to her fans and viewers about how she got pregnant, so she turned the news cameras on herselfWendy explains what made her decide to change her path to pregnancy using a donor egg.

Have you donated your eggs or signed-up to be an egg donor? Take this quick survey and help volunteer to share your experience with San Francisco State University and Generations Ahead research. Do you have a child conceived via egg donor? Check out this book Happy Together by Julie Marie @happytogetherchildrensbook to begin the conversation and help introduce the concept of donation to a young child.

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