E01: Testing 1…2…3

Testing…testing..is this mic on? What is the Eggology Club? A podcast redefining the modern day journey to parenthood. How do you get involved? You’re invited to join the private Facebook group Eggology Club and listen as we share empowering real-life stories and change the conversation around family planning.

Who is behind the Eggology Club? The podcast is an extension of the website eggsperience.com to expand the content Valerie Landis was already creating online into an audio format. What is the purpose? Eggology Club’s goal is to educate you with fertility information, empower you to act boldly, bring a sense of community and support. Now let’s get started and navigate this journey together to become new egg freezing BFFs.


Dr. Aimee “Egg Whisperer”  |  Vino Diva |

Social Media @EggologyClub | +1 978-EGG-CLUB | eggologyclub@gmail.com |  https://eggologyclub.com/season-01-episode-01

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  1. Shaunte says:

    So glad I found your podcast. I’ve been struggling with the idea if egg freezing might be right for me because I really want to be a mother. It is interesting to learn about these topics because no one ever talks about them.

  2. Kellye Pocock says:

    Hi, it’s Kellye! Not sure if you remember me but I’ve finally decided to freeze my eggs next year. I think eggologyclub.com is the best helping me prepare. Can’t wait to tell you more. Cheers.

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