E03: Find Your Tribe

In 2009 only a total of 495 women froze their eggs, but the number of freezers jumped to 6,000 women in 2015. Connecting with others who froze their eggs can help you along your journey to find your tribe. Carolyn Moos joins the Eggology Club to discuss her egg freezing experience and her healthy lifestyle routine preparing for her cycle. Carolyn is 6’5” USA Basketball Jr. Olympic, Stanford, FIBA/WNBA Athlete. Read more about Carolyn‘s workout routine, health, nutrition, and food plans on her website fitforlivinglife.com.

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  1. Allie Mae says:

    Finding your tribe is so important and especially when talking about fertility. It can be very lonely if you don’t find other women to support you. Thanks for starting Egg Club group as I was not trying to actively get pregnant but did have a miscarriage right before looking into egg freezing. Your support was so helpful.

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